Your GroupSpace - The Intranet Solution for Your Small Business.

by John Kennedy

Every family-owned and operated small business should have access to the same tools and technologies that are utilized every day in the corporate world!

And those systems and solutions should not have a big business price tag. A more manageable and affordable solution for small business is here.

Welcome to your company GroupSpace! Here you will find resources to support your people and process sides of your business. From Standard Operating Procedures to Human Resource Management, your Group Space is your single source location to run your business efficiently, effectively and profitably.

GroupSpace is an intranet platform for the employees of a business to store, organize, share and access company updates, and documents across any device within the business.

A combined package of strategic planning, on-boarding video production and innovative digital solutions for your growing organization. A single-source platform to meet strategic initiatives creating a roadmap for success and a culture of engagement.

Learn more about Your GroupSpace and see a sample GroupSpace HERE.

Download a special Your GroupSpace Flyer for Group Clients HERE.

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