Steve serves as our
Marketing Maestro

Steve Kendall
The Design Works

Group Service Provider – Marketing

Steve Kendall is a Service Provider for The Garden Center Group and serves as our 'Marketing Maestro'. A seasoned marketing professional, Steve brings his strategic vision and leadership to the table, helping us and our clients thrive in the competitive garden center industry.

Steve has been defining, designing, developing, and delivering marketing solutions to independent garden centers for more than 40 years. His robust skill set, which spans marketing consulting, brand development, advertising campaigns, print design, web design, digital marketing, POS information management, data analysis, video production, and more, allows him to help you build your brand and business effectively.

Steve Kendall's expertise extends across the entire garden center industry. He has successfully worked with a diverse range of clients, including Retail Garden Centers, Growers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Buying Groups, and National Trade Associations. This breadth of experience equips him with a unique understanding of the industry's dynamics and challenges, making him a valuable resource for marketing solutions.

Steve contributes valuable insight and perspective on how all aspects of a business—property, place, products, price, people, and process—are involved in marketing, ensuring the business brand is a total experience.


Integrated Digital Marketing

Steve brings great talent to an area of need by almost all retailers today... how to leverage all of your POS customer data and more easily combine it with all of today's marketing platforms to promote and communicate to customers.

This area continues to be an increasingly more complex challenge and we believe Steve can help you simplify the processes and maximize the results. He has developed a new program called Integrated Digital Marketing Package - (IDM). 

If you find yourself working harder on all of these separate systems today, it is time to simplify the processes and maximize the results. Contact Steve today!

IDM Management Services

The Design Works' Integrated Digital Marketing Package - (IDM) is an all-inclusive approach to maximizing your company's digital presence. With this suite of services, we focus on the five essential pillars being found online - Search, Social, Local, Review, and Advertising. Here's a 2-page outline (download link below) providing more detail about what we can do for you, Group Retail Centers. Let's discuss how we can help simplify your marketing processes.

View a PDF of Steve Kendall's Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions.