Financial Basics of Garden Center Retailing
An Exclusive Virtual Workshop Series - 2024
Beginning February 9th and Ending October 18th


The Garden Center Group and Retail KPI Consulting have created an exclusive virtual workshop series designed for garden center owners and managers to develop the skills needed to maximize profitability. Now in the nineth season, this exclusive series was created by long-time Group Financial Consultant, Steve Bailey. Steve retired in 2022 after joining Tim Quebedeaux in 2019 to create Retail KPI. Tim now leads and manages The Group's Financial Programs including the Weekly Department Review Report (WDR Report) which tracks the weekly sales and transaction data of participating Group centers in 25 categories, the Annual P&L Study, another industry exclusive and the most comprehensive Annual Profit and Loss study of its kind,  as well as The Group's financial management consulting services. Join Tim as he unlocks the secrets of Financial Management vital to your Center's success! This new virtual format means no travel, and you can include as many staff members as you like!

This comprehensive 7-Step Series includes 6 Online Sessions, plus 1 Individual Session to Review Your Worksheets and Data.

The series will cover more than 24 financial topics, as well as key Group benchmarking and ratios.

Don't let the title fool you... this workshop goes well beyond the basics!

Here's just one comment from a past participant:

"Without training, a garden center staff feels guilty when making a profit. Even worse, they feel the owners are raking in the money after a busy weekend in May.  Percentages, turns, profit margin, and GMROII were simply different languages the team didn't understand – but not after this amazing training.

Every manager, including office managers, attended last year's workshop, and what a difference. The team came back charged up with knowledge on how to put profit on the bottom line. In 2020, we increased gross profit by 1.2% and net profit by 9% over our record the year before. The team had no fear of raising prices when the product came off the truck worth more than the original retail.  

This series was developed by master teachers of all things financial. Our team came through each session energized, speaking the same retail language and having fun. The Group's Financial Basics workshop is training that will keep on giving for years to come."

Ken Lain, Owner
Watters Garden Center
Prescott, AZ
After working in Garden Centers for over 20 years, Tim Quebedeaux joined with Steve Bailey to provide financial management and analysis to The Garden Center Group Clients. Steve selected Tim as his new associate based on his strength in 'numbers' and his unique ability to relate to Garden Center Owners and Managers through his industry experience. Tim now manages the Weekly Department Review (WDR) and the Annual P&L Study. Tim also performs onsite consultations.

Danny Summers is Managing Director (and Chief Instigator) for The Group and co-manages its programs and services. Danny will join Tim during each session to guide you through the entire journey. You and each of your staff registered will receive invitations to sessions along with needed worksheets and handouts from Danny. He will also provide peer-to-peer access so you can interact with not only Tim but also with peer Centers as you work through this important Series together!


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