Tim serves as our
Chief Statistician


Tim Quebedeaux
RetailKPI Consulting

Group Service Provider – Financial Management & Analysis

After working in Garden Centers for over 20 years, Tim joined the efforts of Steve Bailey in 2019 to provide financial management and analysis to The Garden Center Group Clients. Steve selected Tim as his replacement based on his strength in 'numbers' and his unique ability to relate to Garden Center Owners and Managers through his industry experience.

With both of Tim’s grandfathers in the green industry – one a farmer and the other a Horticulture Professor, he was destined to succeed in this field. While earning his bachelor’s degree at LSU in Ornamental Horticulture with Mathematics and Psychology minors, he started working at his first Garden Center – Clegg’s Nursery and has never looked back. 

After Graduation, his wife and he moved to Atlanta to start management positions at Pike Family Nursery. They both spent eight years running various stores in the metro Atlanta area while experiencing the transition to Armstrong Garden / Pike Nursery ownership. His next step was back home to Louisiana.  

At Louisiana Nursery, he started managing the POS system and signage programs before being promoted to Operations Manager and then to General Manager. During his time at Louisiana Nursery, they drastically changed the way the company was merchandised and operated. Opting for the more up-to-date open layouts and tighter inventory controls.

Following in Steve's footsteps, Tim's main role is the management of the Weekly Department Review Report (WDR Report) which tracks the weekly sales of participating Group centers in 25 categories. This open peer, industry-exclusive allows garden centers to compare their weekly sales, average sale and transaction counts and communicate with reporting centers. Nowhere else in the garden center industry is this service available. The WDR includes a weekly sales analysis – a wrap-up of sales, promotions and weather impact that is used by Group centers to keep their employees in touch with more than just their immediate surroundings.

Tim also manages The Group's Annual P&L Study, another industry-exclusive and the most comprehensive profit and loss study of its kind. While the WDR Report focuses on sales and margins by category and transactions on a weekly basis, the Annual P&L Study includes sales and expenses and compares percent of sales for the garden center to both Best Practices/High Achievers Group – and reporting centers as a whole. This study also includes inventory turns, margin targets by category, and the resulting Gross Margin Return On Inventory Investment (GMROII).

An additional financial service from Tim, available to Group centers, compiles gross margins and inventory turns by category into an easy-to-follow report that identifies areas of financial concern. The Financial Ratio Analysis Report quickly and accurately shows which products/departments / categories need attention in order for them to contribute to the company's financial success. Pricing, inventory levels, display space and labor needs can then be changed if necessary, which could yield a dramatic improvement in the company's end-of-year profit results. This Group exclusive takes the guesswork out of product line and department's true value can be performed through phone/fax/email and does not require a company to have a POS system.

Tim is available to assist garden centers in The Group with their individual financial tracking needs. He presents at The Fall Event each year and will also continue presenting the Financial Basics of Garden Center Retailing Workshops Series, created by Steve Bailey.