It's simple... 
You have a garden center. We have solutions.

Being independent is great, but you're on your own to figure out how to grow and manage your business. The Garden Center Group is a network of Garden Centers, Service Providers, Partners for Success, and Sponsors with one goal in mind... helping each other build successful companies. By building a diverse community of garden centers and working toward a common goal, The Group is able to provide an alliance of professionals and business services most centers would not be able to afford on their own. And, unlike a buying group that boosts your purchasing power on products that you sell, we focus on business solutions designed to help you increase sales, improve operations and retain more profit.

In addition to the many services we offer, our Centers can participate in The Garden Center Group's Weekly Department Review (WDR), sharing sales and margin on our standardized chart of accounts covering 27 product categories plus Sales, Average Items per Transaction, Average Sale, Transaction Counts, Labor to Sales Ratio, and Inventory to Sales RatioPlus, our Group Exclusive Annual Profit & Loss Study, now in its 18th year of extensive financial benchmarking, is the longest-running and most comprehensive study of its kind in North America. It is unmatched in helping garden centers make solid financial decisions. So why go it alone? Get involved in our community today!


The Garden Center Group is North America’s resource for solutions for garden retailing – benchmarking, budgeting, inventory and margins, marketing, merchandising, brand building, property and site design, human resources, team building, succession, and more. We offer direction, support, and step-by-step guidance in some of the most important aspects of operating a successful garden center today to reduce the time and trials of doing it alone.


When you join The Group you will have access to the industry’s leading experts and more than 130 garden center owners from across North America – centers facing the same business concerns as you. Although we’re innovative and don’t like limitations, we actually like to ‘think in the box’, because our box is full of a culmination of hundreds of years of experience, boundless energy, brilliant ideas, and an openness to share.